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Praise for Owning It: A Creative's Guide to Copyright, Contracts and the Law by Sharon Givoni


The Design Files
"It’s written in plain English, but it covers what every creative should know about the laws which protect their work.  Frankly I can’t BELIEVE no one has written a book like this before now."

Ethically Creative
"This outstandingly useful book is a must-have for every business, in every industry."

Alternative Law Journal
“Who says that a practical guide to the law of intellectual property that is both useful and informative needs to be boring to read, letalone browse through? … This book is just so damn pretty that I kept looking at the pictures, side bars and interesting anecdotes and forgot that I was meant to be reading it as a text to review.”

Caroline Khoo, @nectarandstone
"When I first founded n & s in 2013, I had no idea that my brand would be copied - from products, to imitating my styling, artistic direction, using my photos and claiming they produced the work and mimicking brand aesthetic. It was a real revelation and eye opener that many businesses play 'dirty' and I find this a real shame. A shame because in this day and age we should #celebratethecreative for their ideas, hard work and for pushing boundaries, discovering and sharing with the world their amazing talent. I aim to demonstrate this everyday through the brand, lead by example, empower businesses that have most certainly worked hard for their products and brand integrity. When I spoke for @womancomau last week, this very book was mentioned on how to deal with copycats and looking after your intellectual property. It's AMAZING!!! Author and Lawyer Sharon Givoni really breaks down how the law applies to creative industries. I highly recommend to any business - whether just about to launch or already started to get yourself a copy and start to understand that in this industry we do have a voice and we do have rights, you just need to understand how they apply."

Katie Evans
"While Copyright legislation is quite dry and convoluted (believe me, I should know), the cases both here and overseas are absolutely fascinating and the arguments for and against worth reading about in case you assumed Copyright was a cut and dried process. Thankfully, Owning It is filled with these cases and Sharon Givoni takes the reader through the main points of each case as it relates to the content. You will not believe some of things that people think they can get away with, or the things they actually did get away with! These discussions are not only fascinating, but give a practical reference to the legislation."

Artwear Publications (Sept 2015)
"Thank you Sharon for a book in which you have made an important complex topic easy to understand and not overwhelming. Artwear Publications Pty Ltd deemed the existence of this book so important to all our readers across all arts and crafts disciplines, that we have published this review in all our magazine titles."

"...An absolute essential for every Australian creative artist and business. A clear, concise guide to navigate Australian legislation and Law. I love how clearly  this book is set out." 

Adele, @threebeansinapod
"Happy Mail! My copy of #owningit a #creativesguidetocopyright has arrived! There's so much conflicting advice about copyright and other legal issues in the handmade/creative world, I'm excited to learn the 'truth' about it all. Can't wait to have a good read and educate myself on my rights and responsibilities. Thanks so much @creativemindshq."

High Heels and Whitewall Wheels
"Givoni has certainly succeeded in making the law easier to understand in her go-to guide. I assure you that this is one book well worth reading. It is informative and empowering."

Pippa McManus, @lepip
"2014 was the year of plagiarism for me. Infringed (stolen) copies of my work were turning up in cafes, on t-shirts, thongs (yes I know, EW!) and in other illustrators work that I would come across on Instagram. I was also contacted by the gorgeous Sharon Givoni who requested images for her upcoming book aimed at creatives: OWNING IT. I am so glad this book is available now as it has invaluable advice on copyright, contracts and law regarding creative fields. Best of all its not all law-speak and endless text! It's filled with beautiful artwork and photographs to make each page a graphic design dream. If you're in the arts I recommend checking it out at @creativemindshq!"

Gloss Magazine
"Most importantly, for people who spend their lives thinking about how something looks, reads or sounds - it’s an absolutely beautiful book. User friendly, packed with flowcharts, images and anecdotal evidence, this is cover to cover creative friendly - and may save you making some serious mistakes."

iz Murray, Buttonworks
‘For most creative people it is too difficult to tackle understanding the legal concepts of their rights and the best way in which to protect their work. This book makes things so much easier to understand. It untangles the web of legal terms and helps to remove the fear of helplessness so many artists and creators feel.’

Praise for Sylloge, our email newsletter

"Just wanted to let you know that I read all of your Sylloge emails, and I really love them. It is all interesting, smart stuff that makes me feel like I’m learning something and not just getting lost on the internet.”

“I am absolutely loving [Sylloge] - I never make the time to find interesting and relevant articles, so thank-you, they are all fantastic.”

Praise for Conversations with Creative Women by Tess McCabe


Studio Home Online
“Calling all creative souls intent on getting serious about their business this year – I think [Conversation’s with Creative Women] might just be the New Year boost you need!… It is fairly obvious that [I] place importance on the golden wisdom gleaned from learning others stories and lessons – so this book has me pretty excited!”

“Brace yourself Australia: 16 creative ladies and their thoughts on design, business and life are about to hit a bookshelf near you!”

The Weekend Edition
“A good conversation has the ability to fuel our ambitions, stimulate our creativity and give us a motivational kick up the bottom – so you can imagine how inspired you’re going to feel after listening in on 16 enriching conversations with some of the country’s most creative cats.”