Three engrossing Netflix documentaries about creative practice


It’s Winter, which means I go into hibernation on the couch most evenings. Here’s three documentaries I’ve watched on Netflix recently that have altered the way I think about my own creative work:

This documentary brings up serious sliding doors vibes about where filmmaker Sandy Tan and her collaborators could have taken independent cinema. Watch it with nostalgic enthusiasm for the days when youthful energy and hustle achieved the impossible (and try not to dwell too much on the undercurrent of infuriating male power trips). Podcast follow-up: We are all idiots.

Have You See The Listers
I recommended this when it was doing the festival rounds last year; it is now on Netflix. Worth a watch if you're fascinated by the distinction between street art and vandalism; career dedication and family obligation; addiction and sobriety; and especially if you're familiar with years of mixed messages sent by the behemoth that is Brisbane City Council to its creative citizens (I can say that, I grew up there).

Beyonce's Homecoming
Something for when you are definitely, absolutely, not procrastinating. From wherever you sit in or outside the Beyhive, this is a pretty darned amazing production. Part televised concert, part documentary, Homecoming is a vision presented and thoughtfully unfolded, in all its physically gruelling and celebratory glory. Podcast followup: Holy Homecoming!