The Leap Stories: behind the scenes of our latest book of interviews with courageous career-changers

Every book has a story behind the story...

Every book has a story behind the story...

Each book I produce through Creative Minds has a story behind it, and today I want to tell you the one about The Leap Stories by Kylie Lewis.

I met Kylie five years ago. We had been in each other’s orbits for a while, but it was a connection-of-dots moment that had her approach me in person (at a gym, of all places). A mutual appreciation of our various creative community building projects was henceforth formed, and we supported each other’s work online and off over the following years. 

In early 2015, Kylie began publishing a blog called The Leap Stories. I read it voraciously. It would come as no surprise to many of you that I love learning the warts and all journeys of creatives and entrepreneurial types, and her blog had it in spades. But it wasn’t until I was asked to share my leap story, that I fully understood the power of her questions to reveal myriad ways to design a fulfilling career, no matter who you are or from where you have come. 

Fast forward to January 2016. Over a catchup with an old friend, who was justifying their approach to sticking on a safe career path before eventually leaving to pursue their true calling (albeit only if a lot of third-party-dependant things fell into place first), I began to extoll the virtues of Kylie’s blog and its overarching theme — that there are a million different ways to make a change to one’s work/life. A leap toward something more fulfilling need not require so much scaffolding and preparation. 

Basically, I wanted to package up The Leap Stories blog, hand it over to my friend and suggest they just spend some time together.

*Light bulb moment* 

Bringing The Leap Stories book to life wasn’t smooth sailing from there, however. While our vision for the book aligned, life outside of work demanded much of both of Kylie. For a while, it looked like our leap into publishing a book together — compiling some of the best interviews from the book with brand new ones — might not happen that (leap) year as we had hoped.

But, with much help and cheerleading from friends & supporters, we found a way. And now The Leap Stories: Intimate Interviews On Overcoming Fear, Choosing Courage Over Comfort, and Designing a Fulfilling Career by Kylie Lewis exists.

To say we are excited to share these 13 career stories with you is an understatement. Within the book’s pages, Kylie explores what moves people to pursue a long-held business idea or dramatically alter their career path. And by finding out exactly how they made a leap in their working lives — practically, financially and emotionally — she uncovers several recipes to giving fear the flick, summoning courage and just getting on with living a more creative and fulfilling life. 

And that’s the short version of how our newest book came to be. You can find out more about Kylie and who she interviews in the book here.

Maybe this could be your leap year?