The downside of personal brands; how to make money from a podcast; and more


My content consumption habits ebb and flow, as I'm sure yours do. Putting the finishing touches on the new book, I've been listening rather than reading and consuming optical delights rather than opinions. So here are five podcast episodes I recommend adding to your queue. In front of or away from a screen, they'll nourish your creative brain this week.

Happy listening!
~ Tess McCabe @creativemindshq

The Start
From The Guardian, this is unlike any other podcast I've heard recently. I can't pick one episode: they're all eye-opening first-person narratives from global creative heavyweights (like Ai Wei Wei and Sofia Coppola) about the work that changed their careers. You'll be down a wormhole after each listen.

Trapped in your personal brand
Ever since social media made 'authenticity' an engagement hack, I've been fascinated by how it is warped and wrought for commercial gain. This episode looks at how a multi-faceted person's 'brand' can become quite two-dimensional in spite of getting real.

How not to pitch a billionaire
In another facet of my life I've been researching pitching. And how to summarise the excellentness of an idea/book/business so people want to throw their money/love/fandom at you. Recall this early episode of Startup: a great example of how passionate creatives struggle to communicate their ideas (and how some simple coaching can make one better at it).

Call Your Girlfriend: Podcast millionaires
I dip in and out of CYG, but this meta-episode about how they actually made their pod into a business reveals a lot about the industry at present. Has the wave crashed yet?

How a stay-at-home mom started an empire
Quite simply, this is a feel-good story about how quilting saved a family from bankruptcy and revived the economy of an entire town. Go quilters!