A book to help you with graphic design (and graphic designers!)


In 17 years as a graphic designer, I've heard all the silly questions from clients. Seen their furrowed brows; unpacked their tech hiccups.

I wrote Graphic Design Speak around seven years ago as a guide to the language and concepts of graphic design. Because I know what it means to wear all the hats in a business, and I like to help.

Now, the book has had a visual overhaul, AND I added a whole new section covering how much a graphic designer costs, who owns the copyright in your logo/layout/font, where to find a good graphic design partner, and more.

If you:
a) work with a graphic designer;*
b) DIY your graphic design;**
or C) are a graphic designer;***
perhaps you want to take a look.

*Or you're thinking about it.
**No judgement — just insider tips.
***It's the client gift that gives back (to you!)

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