How to sit all day (the right way) + more


After a bumpy end to 2018, things are back on track. I've been celebrating by feeding my craving for business insight, creative inspiration, smarter working and quirky dinner-party-conversation general knowledge. I could have shared dozens of finds with you this week, but I'll keep it to a tight five.

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For the first time in more than 20 years, copyrighted works will enter the public domain
Look, I know I talk a lot around these parts about protecting your copyright and your intellectual property, it being the foundation of a creative career etc etc. But also, out-of-copyright works can be a great source of creative experimentation. A bunch of songs, artworks and more have just been deemed public domain (the first batch in 20 years). Take something, have a play: and give it brand new copyright protection.

Those Famous Blue Chinese Bowls
'Tis Lunar New Year, and this short video sheds some light on (or indeed, through) a ceramic icon you'll not look at the same way again.

Why Thank You, I Made It Myself
And while you're on the Tube, check out this series of locally-produced video interviews with artists and designers, covering topics like pricing your work, collaborations, and why sometimes, running a creative business is 50% tidying up.

How I Built This: Melanie Perkins of Canva
If you read and liked Melanie Perkins' (founder of Canva) interview in The Leap Stories, or perhaps just use her online design platform in your business, she goes into much more detail about building the silicon valley 'unicorn' in this episode. Spoiler: The path to success can sometimes involve lots of reluctant kitesurfing.

Can't get comfortable in your chair? Here's what  you can do
Standing desks. Apps that buzz when we slouch. All the yoga. We're plagued with myriad back problems, but as it turns out, it might be the fault of a century's worth of aesthetically pleasing chairs. Tip for 2019: Keep the chair, just learn how to sit better.

Image by Stefan Tan via Unsplash