The cause of procrastination, money lessons for freelancers, and more...


How is it that the more one does one's particular brand of creative work - especially if it has had some prior level of success, however you define that - the harder it can be to keep doing it? Combine: expectations (your own and your perception of other people's); workload PTSD (yet experience should make you better/faster/stronger?!); and the topsy-turvy notion that no-one cares anyway (yet you've gotten this far?). It's a recipe for procrastination, and one that sees me atop a mountain (literally) trying to finish this book! If you relate, I'm right along side you. Hope these links assist!

Why laziness is not why you procrastinate (your emotions are)
By all means, elongate your procrastination by reading this article – It might turn on a lightbulb (revealing the elephant in the room). Seriously though, procrastination is clearly emotional at its core... who wants to charge headfirst into possible failure/rejection (even when those very things can be the result of inaction?).

The power of compounding: You can achieve anything, if you stop trying to do everything
One for those of us who suffer from having too many ideas or side projects and spreading ourselves too thin. Is success in creative work analogous to the basics of wealth generation? Kind of, yes. Here's to compounding (your) interest(s).

20 major lessons I learned about money as a full-time freelance illustrator
It's June, and if the outcome of this FY means you can confidently step into full-time freelancing, this article has some quick tips to help set a solid money-management foundation.