Joke theft, eco-packaging, and a podcast about money for freelancers


This cute personality quiz, created by our software overlords Adobe, has been doing the rounds this week. Apparently I am 'content to spend much of my time alone, studying topics that fascinate me and engaging with an inner world of ideas'. It also says that I 'experience the world as an endless opportunity for learning, discovery, and truth-seeking.' Welp, you got me there. Perhaps you also enjoy Sylloge because we're cut from the same cloth? I'd be interested to know your type!


Planet Money: Joke Theft
This past week was World Book and Copyright Day, so instead of mentioning our book on copyright (oh, oops), take a listen to this podcast about how some of Instagram's biggest accounts make cash from other people's ideas, and how intellectual property is addressed in the comedy world. 

The Face
Shut the front door, THE FACE is back. Once a paper portal to London's music-and-fashion-forward subcultures (and for me, to everywhere other than suburban Brisbane), in this globo-digital world it's touting itself as a hub of woke pop-culture reads with a quarterly print edition. At first glance, it knows its audience has aged a little, and is here to help.

Eco-packaging gets Auspost win
Hooray for stories where common sense prevails and monoliths change their thinking. As a person who places importance on what packaging materials I use for online orders, but also wants to keep postage costs low, these changes are most welcome.

Frugal Forever 
A new podcast by two Sydney-based freelance writers about money: what they earn; how they earn it; what they spend it on; and making ends meet. It's so new there is only one episode up, thus hard to tell if it might fall prey to the conversational podcast's version of tunnel vision. Worth a look if you're finding yourself in need of direction on money matters as a self-employed.