How to write a great About page, the culture of sameness and more...


It's been a fortnight filled with new ideas and a long ride on the creative rollercoaster. And while not all the links I'm sharing with you I found during the 'low' track on said rollercoaster, some certainly helped me up the hill. 

On flooding: Growing in the culture of sameness
"We choose virality instead — repackaged, reshaped, shareable versions of what has come before — and equate it to quality because of its resonance." This is a big concept for creatives to consider: Are you remaking the same work over and over? And if so, is it because you're swimming in a flooded culture?

Jerry Saltz on how to be an artist
This is like a self-directed MFA, perfect for those without the means or time to get a real one, and perhaps just the thing to jolt you out of the aforementioned culture flood.

Great ideas to save Oz film and TV, but government just isn't listening
It should be a boo, time for Australian screen writers, directors, performers, editors, and the myriad other creatives involved in making television and film. But the longer subscription services gain popularity while flying under the radar of local content regulation, the longer the local industry suffers. Let's be real: #MAFS should not be considered locally produced dramatic content.

Who has the best About Page you’ve ever read?
I did a website update recently and, as usual, got stuck in the mud over the 'about me' page. First person? Third person? A person who isn't me? Ugh, throw it all in a lake. If you find it tricky to start or finish your About Me words, here's a collection of inspo. (And just for fun, here's my favourite ever website that goes hard on the About Me sell).

Why your critics aren't the ones who count
Social researcher Brene Brown talks about creatives and the moments of self-doubt that can consume us (and how to shift that aside, show up and do the work). Bookmark this for 'those days' when you need a pep up.