Entrepreneurs around the world, how fake movie money is made, and more...


With the year in full swing, it's time to start thinking about taking a break. Seriously – if you've ever seen Kylie Lewis speak, you'll know she regularly extolls the virtues of the sprint/rest dynamic when it comes to keeping your creative mind fresh. So let's be more like athletes this week: Work hard, rest harder. Below you'll find some good reasons to stop and read/watch/listen... and maybe be inspired to book some time away, too. Enjoy!

Here's something to inspire serious working holiday wanderlust. A short video series about creative entrepreneurs and freelancers in cities around the world, from places where being self-employed is seen culturally as too risky or non-traditional to be taken seriously, to cities where it is the only way to survive.

How to fire people
Your business might not have 100 staff, but maybe you are building a small team, or you're an employee who wants to be happier at work (and indispensable too). This conversation with a dare-I-say-it human resources 'disrupter' comes with scripts (!) for hard-to-manage staff, goals for great hires, and at the very least, an insight into what it is like to work at Netflix.

Where does fake movie money come from?
File under: Something I'd never really thought about but am now intensely interested in understanding. No wonder filmmaking costs so much (real) money.

The Hours: How Christian Marclay created the ultimate digital mosaic.
An insightful read if you have a) seen or heard about Christian Marclay's much-lauded video art piece The Clock; or b) you want to know more about how the international art world ticks (see what I did there?).
Ace Camps and Vacation With An Artist
If you really ARE planning a holiday soon, why not write it off on tax as professional development? These expedited apprenticeships are supremely tempting.