Delayed Gratification magazine: when you don't like watching the news but want to stay informed

Look, I want to keep up with current affairs and the news - I really do. But come on. Sensationalised snippets don't really help anyone comprehend the gravity of most situations that are newsworthy in an ongoing sense.

If you feel similarly, you may love (as I do), Delayed Gratification magazine.

I came across it a few years ago - basically it takes world news from a three-month period, properly investigates and writes about key events, puts it into a nicely designed and entertaining magazine and then delivers it to your letterbox, so you can  absorb the important details of global goings-on at your own pace (and ultimately feel more informed). Slow journalism is their game, and I love their tag line - 'proud to be last to breaking news'. It ships from the UK, so kinda $$, but well worth it for a quarterly mag that supports proper journalism.

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