Conversations with Creative Women: Pocket Editions... the back story!


Some of you may know that from 2011-2017 I compiled + edited + designed + published three books interviewing a whole host of Aussie women working in different creative industries. 

The series was called Conversations with Creative Women, and the books were something I made because I selfishly wanted a reason to ask women I admired how they do all that they do and make such beautiful things and to understand what to look out for in terms of money/business decisions/family harmony so I can futureproof my own creative existence (stretch goal ;D).

This is not news to those reading who bought the books at the time (thank you for that, by the way). I always wanted to keep those editions limited, because limited editions are nice and special (and because printing books is the opposite of printing money ). Despite this, if I had a dollar for every person who asked if I would re-release Volumes One and Two (long sold out), I could have done much earlier what I'm about to do this April: RE-RELEASE VOLUMES ONE & TWO (and Volume Three as well, because they are nearly gone too). Hurrah!

Now, these new 'pocket editions' of the Conversations series are going to be a little different than the originals, because I want those first editions to remain special and especially rare. The newbies are a different size, and because in the past seven years it seems like all of our leisure time is spent staring at images, they'll feature only the interviews in full. Again, selfishly, I want advice-rich, lightweight, throw-it-in-your-bag books that I can dip in when I have a pocket of time (instead of, like, scrolling Insta) and I’m guessing you might also like that...?

Conversations with Creative Women, the Pocket Editions, available now!