Computer cleaning hacks, deceptive novellists, and more...


This past week I found an Instagram post that I screenshot a few years ago, one that perfectly encapsulates my personal manifesto (prior to this, vague notions had merely rattled around my head, undefined). It's a heartening reminder that other people share these ideals, especially when 'nice folks finish last' feels all too real. Hopefully something in the links below can edge you closer to defining your own. Enjoy!

A suspense novellist's trail of deceptions
Here's a divisive conversation topic made more relevant over the last couple of years (like we need any more): Can you separate a person + their inherent, or perhaps behind-closed-doors behaviour, from the value of the creative work they produce? This article will have you gritting your teeth and wondering why revelations like this keep popping up.

A Piece of Work
Like a wander through MOMA with a smart friend (who might actually be the likes of Tavi Gevinson or RuPaul). This podcast is dubbed as 'everything you want to know about modern art but were afraid to ask'. And really, being a subjective medium and all, isn't there always something new to learn? 

Hacks to clean and de-clutter your computer (inside and out)
As Marie Kondo'ing becomes a competitive sport, this article raises a good point: When we think about tidying up our spaces, our attention rarely focuses on space measured in bytes. From toast crumbs wedged in keyboard gaps, to screenshots cluttering your desktop, here are some tips for making your tech run faster, smoother, and without breakfast shrapnel.

What a person’s body language means
This made me chuckle, being a person who knows they do weird expressive hand gestures when they talk but cannot help it. Fellow hand-talkers, let's just go with it and hope nothing indicates to our conversational partner: 'Beware: Serial killer'.