A one page marketing plan, designing women in, and more...


For the first year in a while, I'm doing on International Women's Day what I'd do on most other days of the year: chipping away at ideas and projects intended to increase visibility - even in small ways - for women and their experiences. I've realised this notion is somewhat of a theme at this stage of my career, and days like today always renew my desire to keep building on it. But as IWD also reminds us, no matter how far we've come, there's always more for every one of us to do, learn, see and understand. Happy reading!

The deadly truth about a world built for men
"Designers may believe they are making products for everyone, but in reality they are mainly making them for men. It’s time to start designing women in." Ooof. This long read goes into somewhat terrifying detail about how equality for women is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to equity for all. 

The one-page marketing plan every creative needs
Speaking of visibility: often in solo businesses, marketing starts with you. Here's an easy one-page marketing plan template to get your business' goals on paper and make it easier to take the next steps. Suddenly the question 'what am I going to post about today!?' seems much easier to answer.

The Cut on Tuesdays
Stories and conversations about all manner of topics relating to culture-lovers and their lives. The 'How I Get It Done' episodes are a highlight.

Why we need to talk about—and recognize—representation burnout
As the creative sector starts to wake up, slowly, to the idea that hearing from diverse voices from within its community is not only important, but enrich our creative work on so many levels, it still seems that the visible representation of minority groups falls to a few. This article - giving the downside of such visibility a name - is important reading, especially for event organisers, journalists, curators and editors.

ABC News talent/source nomination form
Female/identifying readers: Do you have a niche skillset or consider yourself an educated 'expert' in your creative field? Then nominate yourself for the ABC's database of female sources, to be called upon as the need arises for story comments or opinion pieces. Full support is offered if you have little to no media experience. What's the harm in filling out a form?

P.S. A great visual definition of equality, equity and justice.