4 ways to support Indigenous creative minds

I know my status as an actively employed creative professional comes first and foremost from a place of privilege. Perhaps this is the case for you, too. Acknowledging that fact, what can we do to support Indigenous Australians who may not have ready access to resources that fuel their creative potential?

A donation this weekend to these organisations is a start.

Indigenous Literary Foundation
A national book industry charity who both publish and gift new, culturally appropriate books and resources to underresourced communities, with a focus on inspiring a lifelong love of reading in young children.

KARI Foundation
KARI Foundation fund a variety of arts programs for the local and larger Indigenous communities - including art practice, music performance and music therapy, and dance; as well as audio and music production, podcasting, theatre and media technology. 

Yirra Yaakin
Yirra Yaakin is Australia’s biggest Aboriginal-led theatre company, providing opportunities for Aboriginal artists at all levels of theatre creation and production, as well as education and mentoring for Indigenous trainees wishing to work in the Australian theatre sector.

Cairns Indigenous Art Fair
CIAF is a public platform for Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander artists from in and around Queensland, providing an opportunity to extend their skills, promote their culture, and sell art work in an ethical environment.

While it's only small, I've just donated to KARI Foundation. In the spirit of mateship, please give if you can - or perhaps you could support these creatives by liking, following, downloading or purchasing their work:

Rachael Sarra - designer, artist & illustrator
Weerianna Street Media - interactive storybook creators
Lore - fashion by Shannon Brett
Haus of Dizzy - jewellery and accessories